Fall projects

What have I been up to lately? I have been updating my website, adding Etsy listings and archiving my portfolio on Artwork Archive, but more importantly, I have the starts for about 100 projects I swear. Papers and canvases marbled, sketches, ideas for sculptures and so much more. As I write this the snow is falling outside my window, and my amazing husband just got all the leaves out of the yard and gutters yesterday afternoon, hooray! As an artist, I think there is something wonderful about knowing you are going to get cooped up inside a bit for the winter, as there are more reasons to pour a cup of tea and get creating! So many people have asked me how my artistic style has changed as I became a mother, and I am still pondering that thought as the opportunities for art making have been slim so far. I do know that as a person, my expectations have loosened, and my desire for joyful play have expanded tenfold! My most recent piece, Swamp Music, might be an illustration of just that. I think I will still produce paintings that have a photorealistic quality to them in some way, but after my Emerson Center show last fall, and having a baby, my passion for abstract art is flaring back up. I love that my marbled canvases and papers lend themselves to that watching-the-clouds type experience. I am ready to let the creativity come in whatever form unfolds in front of my eyes. Sometimes it is just lines and color, other times there is an obvious creature emerging from the swirls...Do you ever just let your eyes get blurry and look for new shapes in the world around you?