Anne Katherine Menge Ross

A love of texture, viscosity and color.


Life brings many bittersweet surprises and there is great freedom in surrendering to what will be, while creating the conditions for optimal success. I have been painting for over 20 years and have developed a passion for building parameters, and applying processes that allow gravity and flow to enhance the work. I play with the duality of tight control vs. loose, free spirited work to make vibrant paintings that dance. Life to me is about letting go of outcomes while being intentional in my efforts.  Like a swinging pendulum, I invite you to enjoy the ride between the extremes  of life knowing you will always head back toward your center with greater momentum.


I work and live in Billings, MT with my husband and our two young children. Travel is important to me and I and always feel deeply inspired by the landscapes, cities, cuisine and people I find along the way. I keep a large garden and a small flock of hens, enjoying much of my life outside, skiing, hiking, fishing and taking photos as well. My connection with nature and creativity mirrors the lives of my family who came before me: farmers, ranchers, makers and entrepreneurs. I love getting messy and fully embrace the phrase, "dirty fingernails, happy heart."